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When Should You Replace Your Shutters?

There is no doubt that the building business is thriving, even though the pandemic and rising inflation have dampened several aspects of the economy. Due to rising housing prices and a lack of available homes, this trend has also persisted in home remodeling.

Home renovation spending increased by 3% in 2020, even though the U.S. economy contracted by 3.5 percent. The remarkable $420 billion was spent by American homeowners in that year alone on interior and exterior home improvements, and the trend hasn't decreased.

Homeowners have always employed exterior shutters as a practical requirement for privacy, ventilation, and weather protection. The frequent opening and closing of these functional shutters subjected them to wear and tear. Thus, any problems impacting their operation must be fixed immediately.

Shutters are primarily decorative today, but you can still hang them and never think about them again. Even the highest-quality shutters eventually reach the end of their useful life and require replacement, particularly if they weren't fitted or cared for correctly.

How do you know when that moment has come? Here are four warning signals that it might be time to replace your shutters.

1. They were put in place 10 to 15 years ago.

Several factors affect how long external shutters last. The foremost among them is material. No matter how old the shutters are, if you or the previous property owner choose vinyl shutters, it's generally a smart idea to consider an upgrade. Vinyl shutters tend to stretch, break, and fade easily and are somewhat weak. After being exposed to the outdoors for a while, they are unlikely to maintain a clean, pleasing appearance.

With routine maintenance, your shutters' elegance, whether made of natural wood or composite wood, can last up to 20 years. If your shutters have been hanging for ten years or longer and you still need to inspect them closely to check for signs of wear and tear, now is the time!

Can a thorough cleaning or paint touch-ups bring back their original allure? Should you replace worn-out, rusted pull rings, locks, and tiebacks with brand-new shutter hardware? Alternatively, is there obvious structural deterioration that can't be repaired by changing the finish or accessories?

Now we come to the second thing on our list.

2. They are decaying or are detached from your house

Shutters can do wonders for the curb appeal of your house. But the reverse outcome is also possible. A house with rotting chipped, crooked, or missing shutters is completely unappealing and may even reflect poorly on the residents.

Stop allowing this to happen to you! Go outside your house and search for unattractive shutters that detract from the appearance and atmosphere of your home. It's time for a replacement if your old shutters are damaged beyond repair, or rehanging or refinishing them won't improve your curb appeal.

3. The incorrect size or shape

Although shutters are no longer seen as necessary window coverings as decorative jewelry for a home, there is still a "proper" and "wrong" way to install them. Shutters should appear as if they could close over your window even if you don't intend to open and close them.

Consequently, the width of a shutter that is the right size for a window opening is half its height (inside the trim). Whether your shutters are functioning or fixedly fastened to the outside of your house, this is true. Shutters for arched windows should have rounded tops to match the window's design.

When comparing a property with improperly measured or placed shutters to a home that got it right, it's simple to understand how important these "rules" are. Look at your shutters; do they seem off in any way? Check out our helpful shutter measurement guide and grab a tape measure.

Replacing inadequately sized shutters can greatly impact whether you want a balanced design or a historically authentic appearance!

4. You dislike them!

Have you recently moved into a house that doesn't fit your aesthetic? Do you want to start over with a remodeling project since the exterior of your home looks a little dated? A terrific method to spruce up the property and showcase your distinct personality is to replace outdated shutters.

There are several options available for personalizing your new shutters. Pick from a range of materials, designs, and hues. Add a cute cutout pattern, then complete the aesthetic with useful hardware. You can have many years of outstanding curb appeal with a design you adore and shutters that are sized properly and constructed to last!

FL Bahama Shutters: High-Quality, Low-Maintenance Exterior Shutters

We're committed to creating the best bespoke exterior shutters at FL Bahama Shutters. And we recognize that selecting the ideal exterior shutters for your opulent home requires investigation and consideration.

To complement each home's unique decor, we provide a variety of bespoke exterior shutters. Our staff has years of expertise working with architects, builders, and homeowners to locate the ideal shutters for a home's aesthetics, operability requirements, and regional weather considerations.

Get in touch with us immediately to request a quote or discover your alternatives for external shutters.

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