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Protect Yourself in Style Against Hurricanes

Composite Bahama Shutters:
A Shutter That's Right for Your Home

Exterior shutters are not just your typical home design accessory—they're a symbol of security, sophistication, and style all in one!

Investing in the best composite Bahama shutters on the market will go a long way towards warding off the heat, cold, rain, and wind while adding a timeless elegance to your home's exterior and interior

With only a little easy preparation, FL Bahama Shutters offers high-quality, long-lasting Bahama hurricane shutters made of high-quality composite. Endure the harshest storm conditions, such as strong winds and heavy rain, with our Bahama shutters.


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Find The Right Composite Bahama Shutters For Your Home or Business

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Protect Your Home From Wind Damage

Homeowners who want to protect their exterior and windows from the weather often have trouble finding dependable, long-lasting solutions. With FL Bahama Shutters, you no longer have to worry about your home's exterior or windows being exposed to the elements with our Composite Bahama Shutters.


Block Out the
Light and Heat

Searching for a way to stay comfortable during the hot days? Composite Bahama shutters are a perfect addition to your home's exterior, and they do much more than simply protect you from excess sunlight. Ideal for both long-term and permanent use, these high-quality shutters are an excellent choice to maintain the value of your home.


Style. Security. Safety.

Do you want to create a whole new level of house design? Say NO MORE! Design your home's exterior with the best of the best—Composite Bahama Shutters in Florida. They're beautiful exterior screens that protect your home's integrity, environment, and value. Make your house's design the best it can be.


Hurricane Protection

When protecting your home's exterior and windows from the weather, nothing is more dependable than a set of Bahama shutters.

Sunlight Control

The bright, sunny months typical of Southwest Florida are great for taking advantage of the Bahama shutters' ability to block out excess light.

Beautifully Designed

Aesthetically, Bahama shutters are a step up from standard and low-quality hurricane shutters installed without stability in mind.

Why Composite Bahama Shutters?

The Benefits of Installing Exterior Hurricane Shutters

  • Gives your house a unique look

  • Superior to standard Bahama shutters in terms of their aesthetics.

  • Elegant styles offering a variety of louver configurations.

  • Ideal for use in houses and businesses in areas where hurricanes are very likely to make landfall.


How Do Composite Bahama Shutters Work?

Windows are covered with Bahama shutters from FL Bahama Shutters to offer shade, aesthetic appeal, and especially the BEST hurricane protection. A shutter is a single unit installed over a window. They are attached to the outer walls of a house or business.

Because they are hinged at the top, you can open them to a 45-degree angle to allow extra light or draw them over your windows whenever a storm is coming. When shut, they absorb the force of a hit and help keep the pressure within your home from changing wildly.

FL Bahama Shutters. Affordable, Professional Quality

Aaron, the owner of FL Bahama Shutters, will be your contact point for everything from the initial consultation to the final design and installation.

As a company, we believe that the quality of your shutters is greatly based on how well they are measured and installed, which is why Aaron personally manages every stage of the process.

Satisfied Customers

Aaron and his team are professional and a joy to work with. Custom shutters in my choice of color were fabricated and installed so quickly! Highly recommended!

KelIy DolIard

Aaron was quick to respond, came the day he said, was reasonably priced, and was able to use a different decorative wall mount we found in the garage as salvage.

Molly Trendell Nation

Very courteous and hard working gentleman!! I recommend this mobile welding and fabrication company to anyone that needs work done!!

Robert Garlick III 

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FL Bahama Shutters’ mission is to provide superior service and top-quality products for all the homes in SW Florida to ensure safety, beauty, and longevity, even in Florida’s crazy weather. We do this by taking pride in our customer service, being dedicated to a well-done job, and guaranteeing our service.

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